A Lego Christmas Tree

Harrison had a vision of a Lego Christmas tree.  He built all the Lego ornaments and then scouted out the yard looking for the perfect tree. We live on ten treed acres in North Idaho so there were plenty to choose from.

Then Harrison came to me, got my attention, which is a chore sometimes, and showed me his plan and his Lego ornaments.

We got Tim, CJ, and Garrett to help.  Harrison is the baby and a naturally very sweet child.  So if you want cooperation all you have to do is say, “Harrison would like it”.  Everyone in the family melts and drops what they are doing and goes to help Harrison.  That might turn out bad at some point.  But that’s the way it is.

So there we were in the field digging out a baby Douglas Fir, which in spite of its tender age had very tough and deep roots.  Luckily the ground was not yet frozen.  And luckily my 18-year-old was doing most of the digging.  We put the tree in a big 5 gallon bucket, tamped down the soil as best we could, and brought it inside.

Harrison decorated it and noticed it was still pretty bare.  He conned me into buying strings of battery powered lights and a box of candy canes to finish it off.

Lego Christmas Tree

We have our normal Christmas tree in the living room, but this one is my favorite.  Because it’s Harrison’s.

There is a Point

I guess the point of this little story is that even the little things our kids do, the little ways they are unique, the little achievements in their lives are precious.

Lego Christmas Tree

I’m grateful for the sweetness and innocence of my child who confidently began this project knowing his family would help him finish it.

Lego Christmas Tree
Harrison needed a picture of himself to fit in the little window of this ornament. So I found one, resized it down, and printed it for him.

Merry Christmas to all of you, from Layers of Learning.

Lego Christmas Tree

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