Magic Spelling – A Spelling Activity

When my kids are getting bored in school I try to find simple ways to shake things up a bit.  I could see how dragged down they were from practicing spelling words; we needed something new – a spelling activity instead of just another regular run-through of their list.  Instead of bringing pencils to the table, I asked them each to bring a white crayon.


We did their whole list using a white crayon on white paper.  I got a lot of incredulous looks from the kids, but I didn’t offer any explanation.  Finally it was just too much.  Too, too much.  By the time their lists were complete they were dying to know – But how do we know if they’re right?  That’s when I brought out the watercolor paint trays.  I wish you could have seen their eyes light up when they saw those trays.  They’ve done enough art with me to know what was about to happen.  They each painted over their words to magically reveal what they had written.  If they missed some, they rewrote them with the white crayon and did the magical reveal again until they got it right.


It really didn’t take much longer and they would’ve practiced at least four or five more times if I had let them!  It was quite fun, took no real planning other than grabbing a couple of watercolor paint trays from our art supplies, and everyone was happy and cooperative.  A+ for Magic Spelling!

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