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MaineLearn about Maine in this wicked-good Maine State Study.

Itty Bitty Maine History

Algonquin people lived in Maine at the time the French first began to settle in the area. But the French lost the territory with the loss of the French and Indian War and the British lost it with the War for Independence. Still, Maine was only sparsely inhabited by Americans in 1800. In 1820 Maine seceded from the commonwealth of Massachusetts and became its’ own state. Though the population has grown, it is still one of the least populated states.

Nearly ninety percent of Maine is forested. Maine has a long rocky coast on the Atlantic and on the western side of the state the Appalachian Mountain Range reaches its northern terminus.  Maine’s coast is known as a “drowned coast” because changes in sea levels and tidal patterns have submerged previous land features making islands out of mountain tops.  Along the coast can be found many fishing villages, lighthouses, and boat builders.  The climate is humid continental with warm summers and very cold snowy winters.  Some areas of the interior of Maine are completely uninhabited and are not organized into political jurisdictions.


Fabulous Facts About Maine

  • The state animal is the moose.
  • Blueberries can be found all over in the wild in Maine and they have made many yummy, yummy most excellent treats from them.
  • The state motto is “The Evergreen State”.
  • Just over a million people live in Maine.
  • Lobster fisheries are a big part of Maine’s economy.  About 90% of the lobster product of the United States is caught by Maine fishermen.
  • If you bought blueberries in the grocery store they almost certainly came from Maine, which produces about 99% of the U.S. crop.
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine.
  • Maine’s coast is dotted with deep harbors, dangerous rocks, and many many lighthouses.
  • Maine became the 23rd state in 1820.

Maine Explorations

Make blueberry muffins to celebrate Maine.

Click here for some yummy recipes.
Click here for some yummy recipes.

Read one of these kids books about Maine:

Maine State Study Printable Map

And color a Maine Map.  Label the major cities, mountain ranges, and other physical features of Maine using a student atlas.


Additional Layers

  • Learn more about the Algonquin people who lived in the northeast portion of the United States.
  • Besides lobster and blueberries, Maine has a large timber industry, much of Maine’s land is managed by private timber companies.  Find out how they manage the land and learn about modern timber practices.
  • Maine is one of the least populated states.  Why is it less populated than other eastern states further south?  Why do people live where they do?
  • The only land still disputed between the United States and Canada is a little island off the coast of Maine called Machias Seal Island.  It looks like the Canadians are winning that argument because they have a lighthouse posted there; the Americans have nothing at all on the bare bit of rock.  No one has ever ever lived there.

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