Making Spelling Fun

Kids get tired of practicing their spelling words all the time, so we try to throw in some fun to kick the practicing up a notch.  I try to combine some writing activities, some manipulative activities, and some verbal and physical ones so my kids are using all the parts of their brain as they practice.  It’s made all the difference for my kids who have always had a tough time with spelling.  Here are a few ways of making spelling fun.

Writing Activities

  • Play Spelling Hangman.  They get to try to guess each of the words before their man is hung.

  • Rollin’ Rainbow SpellingRollin' rainbow spelling
  • Write your words on cards and put them in alphabetical order.
  • Use chalk and a chalkboard (or a white board with dry erase pens) to write your words.
  • Compose a paragraph using as many of your words as you can squeeze in as possible.
  • Once you’ve written your words, mark each of the long and short vowels.
  • Write down rhyming words for as many of your spelling words as you can.
  • Look up your words in a thesaurus and write down synonyms or antonyms.
  • Find each of your words in the dictionary.
  • Find the vowels by writing your consonants in blue and your vowels in red in each of your words.
  • Spelling Sentences – write a sentence with each of your words in it.  If you’re really good you can make it into a story.
  • Draw a picture of each of your words and write the word on the page too.
  • Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe – If you spell the word correctly you get to put up either an X or an O.
  • Spelling Train – write a spelling word, then come up with a word that begins with the last letter of the word and write it down.
  • Rainbow Spelling – write your words in 3 colors
  • Magic Spelling  – write your words on white paper with a white crayon, then paint over them with watercolor paints to make them magically appear.

  • Spelling Bingo – kids write their words on a BINGO sheet, then play Bingo.

Manipulative Activities

  • Use magnetic letters to spell your words.
  • Type your spelling words on the computer
  • Spell your words using Aphabits
  • Write your words in shaving cream.
  • Scrabble Tile Spelling

  • Write your words in sand or in a salt box.
  • Write your words with a flashlight in the dark.
  • Paint your words with water and a Q tip or watercolors

Physical & Verbal Activities

  • Beanbag Spelling – throw a beanbag back and forth with someone while you spell your words out loud.  We keep a rhythm and say one letter per throw.  You can play with one beanbag or two, and just one speller or multiple people.


  • Jump Rope Spelling – Jump rope while you spell your words out loud, one letter per jump.  Try to get through all your words without stopping.

  • Balance Board Spelling – Spell all of your words out loud while balancing (don’t fall off!)

  • Pass The Ball Spelling – Pass it back and forth without dropping, saying a letter for each pass.

  • Follow The Leader Spelling – the leader says a word and everyone else must spell it out loud while following the leader

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