Printable Map of Zambia

In this Exploration we’ll give some information about the country of Zambia and then give you a printable map of Zambia to color and label with the aid of a student atlas.

Zambia is located in southern Africa between Angola and Mozambique.

This shows where Zambia is located in Africa. Map by Rei-artur, CC license, Wikimedia.


Briefly, the history of Zambia is that the native people, the Khoisan, were overrun or perhaps merely integrated with the migrating Bantu speakers from the Congo region, further north sometime in the 1200’s AD.  There are no written records so this information is based on linguistic studies and oral histories, passed down through generations.


From about 1888 the area became a British colony, beginning with a man named Cecil Rhodes.  Like most British colonies it began as a private business venture, but to secure peace conducive to business the British ended up using military force to subdue the country.  It was named Rhodesia, after the original founder of the mining company that first administrated the area, in 1924 when it became officially under the control of the British government.

Cecil Rhodes, mining magnate and owner of an entire country in Africa. Image in the public domain.

In 1964, after a period of struggle, the country gained independence from Britain and renamed itself the Republic of Zambia.  But like most former British colonies which had been abused by the so-called capitalist Britain, Zambia was a republic-in-name-only.  Lacking an educated and skilled middle class, Zambia struggled to rule itself and with Soviet encouragement became a communist country.

After struggling with poverty and unrest for half a century Zambia is softening its communist line and allowing more freedom in politics and in markets and so Zambia is beginning to recover financially from the mismanagement of the communist era.  They are still one of the poorest nations on earth in spite of rich natural resources.

Map of Zambia Exploration

We learn the basic information above and then colored a Map of Zambia.


First we found the country on a globe, then opened our student atlas and labeled these places:

Victoria Falls (the arrow on the map points to this location)
Zambezi River
Luangwa River
Lake Samfya
Kafue River
Lake Kariba
Kabompo River

Then we colored the whole country green since it is almost all grassland plains.

Additional Layers

  • Learn more about Cecil Rhodes and his role in African history.
  • Kenneth Kaunda was the first president of Zambia and is a national hero (an official designation in Zambia), learn more about him and his life.
  • The British by the late 1800’s and early 1900’s had a capitalist system at home, but their policy abroad was still mercantilism.  Mercantilism is a belief that national wealth is built through the exclusive control of markets.  For example, in Rhodesia, the mines had to not only be mined and the product sold around the world, they had to be monopolized, only sold by the British.  That means controlling the entire country and protecting it from foreign intrusion as well as native interests.  Mercantilism does not respect property or life.  It is not capitalism.  Read more about different economic systems.
  • Victoria Falls, one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world is in Zambia.  Learn more and watch this one minute video from the BBC:

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