Maps of Samoa and American Samoa

Here are two maps of Samoa and American Samoa are beautiful islands in the South Pacific.  You can color maps of American Samoa and Samoa.

American-Samoa-Map samoa map

These countries are tiny islands in the vast Pacific and probably won’t be easy to see in your student atlas.  Look at American Samoa and Samoa on Google Maps.

This is a photograph of a fale, a traditional Samoan house. There would be grass mats to roll down for walls, but most of the time the sides would be left open to let the breeze blow through. Photo by Sonja Pieper, CC license, Wikimedia.


Find photos, read about the history, read about the geography, learn about the type of government each country has and do some cultural crafts.

National Park of Samoa

Samoa Facts From National Geographic

Make a Paper Lei (not just for Hawaiians)

Additional Layers

  • American Samoa was governed by American Naval officers, then the state department.  Today they are independent, electing their own officials, but still exist under the umbrella of American government.  What other territories does the United States claim?
  • Most Samoans are Christian.  How and when did they adopt this religion?
  • On your map make arrows pointing to different nearby islands, land masses, countries, and cities.  Write the distance to each of thees places: New Zealand, Hawaii, Philippines, San Francisco, your hometown, and any others you’d like.  Talk about distance and see how it is represented on a map.
  • Architecture in Samoa is vastly different from Norwegian architecture.  How does where humans live affect the types of buildings they build?


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