Marble Painting

Marble painting is one of my kids’ favorite art projects.  It’s super simple, but changes up the whole normal painting process.  It’s like painting with action.


First things first, we like to keep clean-up easy.  We always use washable paints.  We use either a  shallow cardboard box or cake pan.  We line the cake pans with plastic wrap for easy clean-up, but you can also just easily wash the paint off of your pans.  We have paper towels on hand, because inevitably someone gets all painty.  And we like to do this outside.

Here’s how it’s done:

You can use white or colored paper.

Let the kiddo choose 2-3 paint colors and squirt little bits of paint on to the paper.

Drop a marble in the box and let them roll it all around.


The marble spreads the colors and creates a really neat design that’s different every single time.


After following the directions at least once, let your child use other objects to make tracks through the paint.  They might try die cast cars, toy dinosaur footprints, plastic beads, or their fingers.


Additional Layers:

  • Use this activity to talk about color mixing, primary and secondary colors, complimentary colors, and all things color theory.
  • This looks like modern art.  Learn about the modern art movement, what drove it, why people began to paint abstractly rather than realistically and so on.
  • Try doing these for background papers for a lapbook or sketch book.  Place photos on any topic you’re studying plus your thoughts directly onto the painted page.  In this way you can incorporate art into any subject and make your history lesson so much more fun.
  • Try doing these on larger paper and the framing them for your child’s room or even the living room.

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