Milk and Cookies New Year’s Toast

As I was growing up we always celebrated New Year’s Eve as a family.  It wasn’t a night that Mom and Dad went out to a party.  We had our own party at our house with lots of snacks, board games, and good family time all the way up until midnight, when we all quickly dropped off to sleep.  New Year’s Eve with kids can be fun, even if it doesn’t mean a wild or fancy New Year’s Eve party with your friends.  Add little touches to your own family party to make it special – a milk and cookies New Year’s toast is a great tradition to start that you and your little ones will love.


How To Make Sprinkled Toasting Glasses

Just make your favorite cookie recipe.  Make sure the cookies are about the right size, depending on your glass.  I like them to be sized about the width of the rim of your glass so they are easy to dip.  If they are too big they won’t fit in the glass.  If they are too small they won’t stay on the rim.  We made our favorites – chocolate chip with dark chocolate.

Start by pouring a bit of milk into a bowl.  Pour some colorful sprinkles into another bowl.


Dip the fancy glass rim into the milk.


And then immediately dip it into the sprinkles.  Give it a little twist and turn to make sure it’s nicely coated with the sprinkles.


Now set your cookie on a cutting board and use a knife to carefully cut a small notch out of it.


Perch a cookie on the rim of the glass where the little slot is.


Then just pour in the milk.

New-Year's-Milk-and-Cookies-Toast-(7) They look so great, but as you can see, they were easy enough for my kids to each dip their own fancy glasses.  They loved it.  Of course, they were also anxious to volunteer.  Everyone wanted to help with the next step – to be the taste testers and toasters for these tempting little goodies.


Our Milk and Cookies Toast

This was our trial run before our big party, so we didn’t wait until midnight.



They were positively dippable.



When it’s time for our REAL New Year’s toast, we’ll be together with my kids’ grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins this year.  Each person will get their own fancy glass of milk and their cookie in hand.  Then we’ll go around the room taking turns sharing a hope for the new year.  It can be hopes for yourself, your family, your community, your country, or the entire world.  Once all the hopes in your family have been shared, you toast to it.  Dip your cookies, clank your glasses, and gobble up those cookies and milk.

Here’s to a wonderful, and prosperous New Year in your family.  Enjoy your New Year’s toast together!



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