Monarchs of Canada Printable Matching Cards

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, one of the oldest monarchies in the world today.  Here we have Monarchs of Canada printable matching cards. They can help your children learn the queens and kings of Canada in order along with some of the most significant things about their Canadian reigns.  Click on the link just above or the image just below to get the pdf printable.

Monarchs of Canada printable matching cards

  • Print the cards onto card stock, cut them apart and then use the cards to match the monarch with the major events of his or her reign in Canada.
  • Challenge your kids to learn the monarchs in order.
  • Connect the monarchs to times and events in Canadian history.

Facts about the Monarchs of Canada

Canada has monarchs from two countries, France and Great Britain.  The French ruled Canada in its earliest colonial days.  After the Seven Years War, Britain took all of the North American French lands and the monarchs from that time to the present are all from Great Britain.

Even though Queen Elizabeth is the queen of sixteen different countries, legally each of these monarchies are separate.  So she is fully the queen of Canada and this in no way unites Canada with any other country.

The only direct role the monarch of Canada play is in appointing the Governor General, the queen’s representative in Canada.  But even this appointment is done on the advice of the Prime Minister.  The Governor general has many appointments in her gift, but these too are all done at the direction of the Prime Minister.  The only real power retained by the monarchy is the power of veto, but this has never yet been used in the history of Canada.  So the monarchy has no real power in Canada, though constitutionally this could conceivably change.

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