Time Travel Creative Writing

Where would you go if you go travel anywhere, anytime in the history of the world?  Even really young kids know the difference between now and “life in the olden days.”  Have your kids pretend they have a time machine and could visit any place and any time on the earth.  This time travel creative writing assignment will force them to think beyond just their own life experiences and imagine all new people, places, and TIMES.


Where would they go?  The wild west?  Medieval Europe?  Or perhaps a futuristic city on Antarctica?  What do they see there?  Who do they meet?  What are they eating?  Wearing?

Before beginning the story, brainstorm ways things would be different in another time.  Something everyday, like brushing your teeth, may be done by an automated up-and-at-’em machine in another fifty years.  Taking a shower a hundred years ago was a world away from taking one today.  It’s amazing how much things change with time.  Create a list of at least ten things that will be different in the alternate time.

Even our phraseology changes in different eras.  If you’re traveling backwards, find out what some common phrases and words were and include them.  If you’re going forwards, make up some new words for things.  Incorporate your era specific words in your story.

Create character names and descriptions that are fitting for your setting – both the place and time.

Design illustrations to accompany the story.  Make pictures of now, your time machine, and the new time you travel to.

Teaching Tip

Once the time travel creative writing stories are written, teach about an additional technique of good writing: descriptive phrases.  Have them incorporate descriptive phrases (such as similes or metaphors) in at least 3 places in their story to help it come alive.  This revision step can make a huge difference in improvement with time and practice.  Here are some examples you can give:

“He ran fast.” OR “He ran like he was being chased by the police!”

“The dog was brown.” OR “The enormous, shaggy dog had chocolate brown fur.”

Which of these phrases tells the reader more?

Have fun traveling through time!  And have lots more fun with creative writing!

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