Mother May I?

Remember when kids actually went outside to play?  Revive that by introducing your kids to some classic childhood games.  Here we’ll teach you how to play Mother May I?

Rules for playing "Mother May I?", an old fashioned, but still fun, game.

  1. One person is “it” and is called “mother”.
  2. The mother stands at one end of the playing field with his or her back turned, so as not to see the players.  The players stand at the other end at a starting line.  We use a jump rope laid out on the ground as a starting line.
  3. Taking turns the players ask “Mother May I _____ ?”  They  might want to take two big steps forward, take a forward roll, take ten baby steps forward, hop on one foot three times forward, or something similar.
  4. Mother says “Yes, you may”  or mother might say “no, but you may ______ “.  Mother can tell the player to take two steps forward or three steps backward or modify the ten big steps requested to ten baby steps and in rare cases may tell a player to start over.
  5. The first player to reach “mother” is the next mother.

Rules for playing "Mother May I?", an old fashioned, but still fun, game.

Additional Layers

  • Instead of P.E. pick one day a week to be your games day and do active games together, everything from basketball to hop scotch to marco polo in the pool.  If there is a specific physical skill involved take just a few minutes to teach how to kick a ball, throw a ball, run using your arms for propulsion, or something similar.
  • When learning about George Washington play “General May I?”  instead of “Mother May I?”.
  • Make a memory and play this game for Family Night.
  • This a great activity to teach young kids how to follow rules and directions.

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