Mount Rushmore Story Paper

Use this Mount Rushmore Story Paper to write a report about Mount Rushmore, a story about a visit, or to write about who you think should be added to the mountain.  What great American deserves a place among these four?

Mount Rushmore story paper

You’ll want to start by learning a little bit about Mount Rushmore and each of the presidents who are carved on the mountain.  They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Library List

Our favorite way to learn about people, places, and concepts is from real authors, not textbooks.  So we found these books and an excellent video from the History Channel for you.

If you click on the images below they will take you to the Amazon book description where you can read more reviews and purchase the books or video.  These are affiliate links.

More From Layers of Learning

This Mount Rushmore Story Paper was made for Layers of Learning Unit 4-11.  Use it to learn all about the symbols and landmarks of the United States with your kids.  Layers of Learning is a hands-on curriculum for all ages from 1st grade up to graduation.  Learn more at our Curriculum Guide.  Besides this geography subject, the unit also includes a history section on World War II, a science section all about the chemistry of air and water, and an arts section about art made during times of war.

Layers of Learning Unit 4-11 cover

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