Our Snowman Breakfast

We had a special snowman breakfast at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.


Our Snowman Breakfast

The set-up was very simple.  I just used a torquoise plastic tablecloth and darker blue plates and utensils.  I drew simple snowman faces on each white paper cup.  The cups were my favorite part.  Love them.  Each plate had a die and a roll-a-snowman game at it as well. I also put a little snowman figurine in the center of the table.  He was not only a centerpiece, but also the star of our Hide The Snowman game after our snowman breakfast was over.


Each person got their own snowman shaped pancake to decorate with M&M’s, both mini and regular sized.

Tyler made a scarf out of strawberry syrup.
Here’s Grandpa getting in on the decorating.
I’m pretty sure Isabel’s main goal was to use as many M&M’s as she could.

Roll-A-Snowman Game

After we finished our pancakes we played the roll-a-snowman game.  It’s not a competitive game, just an artistic one.  We sometimes play it for hours, making all different combinations of cute little snowman drawings.

Snowman-Breakfast-(12)You just roll a die and then draw each snowman according to your roll.  We had sketch paper and pens in the center of the table for everyone to use.



The game always makes for some pretty cute snowmen!  You can get a free printable Roll-A-Snowman game by clicking here.

Roll-A-Snowman Game
Roll-A-Snowman Game

Hide The Snowman

After our snowman breakfast we played Hide the Snowman.  We used the snowman from the center of the table and took turns hiding it while everyone else had to find it.


Our rule is that it must be hidden in plain sight, meaning you shouldn’t have to move anything else in order to see it.  You can get pretty creative even in plain sight though!  We even got most of the hiding spots without having to give hot and cold clues.

That was it for our snowman breakfast.  Simple family fun, just right.  Then I cleaned up while the kids went out to play in the snow.  {“I cleaned up” is code for – I spent two minutes throwing the paper plates away and then curled up with a quilt and a book by the fire.  Gotta love plastic tablecloths and paper plates.}


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