Wise Old Owl Cupcakes

Aren’t these little owl cupcakes just to die for?  The only trouble with them at all is that they are so cute that I almost didn’t want to eat them.


We made these for a fall family night just for fun.  We have family night once a week and gather everybody around for a gospel message, a fun family activity, and a treat.  This time we combined the activity and treat all in one by making these cutie pie owl cupcakes.  I’m not sure why, but owls just seem like autumn time to me.

To make some you’ll need to bake some chocolate cupcakes.  We didn’t go fancy; I just used a chocolate cake mix baked in brown cupcake papers.  I baked them earlier in the day so they’d be all cool and ready to frost when it was time for family night.

We piped the chocolate icing all over the top in little tufts.  The little kids got help from Mom on this step, but the big kids could do this step all on their own.  Then everyone helped decorate the face by opening Oreo Cookies and setting them atop the cupcakes for the outsides of the eyes.  That step was a favorite because they got to eat up some of the extra Oreo parts!  Junior Mints made up the eyeballs.


A banana runt stuck right between the eyes makes a perfect beak.  We created the ears by breaking off smaller pieces of the Oreo Cookies, sticking them into the cupcake, and then piping little frosting tufts on to the tops of the ears.


We made these from one of our favorite cookbooks that sits on our bookshelf – Hello Cupcake.  It has tons of ideas for fun cupcakes you can make out of everyday items and candies.  You should definitely check it out.  It’s chock full of fun ideas for cute cupcakes.


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