As part of our writer’s workshop I often (almost daily) give little mini-lessons.   They are short lessons on spelling, grammar, improving as a writer, and other brief topics.  5-10 minutes is the most I spend on a mini-lesson.  Often mini lessons are only a minute or two.  I love doing ones that involve wordplay.  Palindromes are words (or phrases) that are the same right to left as from left to right.  Kids can’t help but love them!


 Word Palindromes

Here are a few simple word palindromes:

  • noon
  • peep
  • radar
  • pup
  • mom
  • dad
  • bib
  • pop
  • tot
  • wow

See how you can spell them forward or backward and it’s the same?

Dr. Seuss loved palindromes.  They’re just fun!  See if your kids can come up with a few.  Try giving them little letter tiles or magnetic letters to build the words with.

Phrase and Sentence Palindromes

They aren’t always just words though.  You can build phrases or sentences as palindromes too (though it’s much harder!).

Supposedly Napoleon came up with this cool palindrome:

Able was I ere I saw Elba.

Here’s another fun one that Adam might have said to Eve:

Madam I’m Adam.

Have a little contest and see who can come up with the longest palindrome.  It’s harder than you think!

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We’d love for you to check out our catalog and see the fun units we have there too.  We love to spend every day learning with our kids, family-school style, and truly enjoy sharing what works for us with you too.

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