Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to make your study of photography one your kids will always remember.  To play, you’ll need at least two teams of people.  The more the merrier, so invite friends!  Each team will have one camera and will need to take a photo of each item on the list, trying to return before the other team does.  It’s a race!

Printable Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here is the printable you’ll need for your photo scavenger hunt.  As you get pictures of each item, cross it off the list.  You do not need to collect the items, just the pictures.  Access the printable by clicking here or on the image below.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Rules

A few rules to help the game go smoothly.

  1. Someone from your team must be in each picture.
  2. There must be a separate picture for each item on the list.  No combining items from the list and just taking one photo of several items.
  3. Complete the list in any order you wish.
  4. You can take pictures of items or people.  You can even take pictures of pictures (for example, taking a picture of a billboard with a picture of a wheelchair on it counts).  But you can’t pull up pictures from a phone or the internet.
  5.  If you can’t find an item, or even several items, you can still choose to come back and hope the other team found fewer items than you.  The team with the most items wins, but if you get the same number of items, the faster team takes the victory.

At the end you can set up a quick slideshow to view all the pictures the teams took.  There will surely be some fun stories and lots of laughs shared.  Give a prize to the winning to team and treats all around.

More From Layers of Learning

This exploration was taken from Unit 4-16’s art section all about photography.  It has lots of ideas for for going out to take photos, as well as information about the history of photography and the ways that cameras work.  The unit has lots of fun projects about photography from making a pixel picture to creating your own pinhole camera.  In addition to the arts section that teaches photography, Unit 4-16 also has sections to teach history, geography, and science.

We also have a short lesson on the history of photography right here on that includes a really cool 30-Day Photography Challenge.  It’s a free printable too, and would be great for kids who want to really get in and get started with taking pictures.

30 Day Photography Challenge for Kids

If you haven’t explored what Layers of Learning is all about, you’ll enjoy our curriculum guide.  We have a family-style homeschool approach where everyone of all ages in the whole family learns together.  We love hands-on, memorable projects that bring learning to life.  Hope you do too!  If so, definitely check out all of the Layers of Learning units from our catalog.

You can visit our catalog to see all of the units we offer.



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