Pilgrims vs Indians Football Game

This is a printable Pilgrims vs Indians Football Game for kids to play to test their knowledge about the first Thanksgiving, but mostly it’s just for fun.

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To play, first print out the Pilgrims vs Indians Football Game.

pilgrims vs. indians football

Cut out the football and the question cards. Mix the cards up randomly and place them face down in a single pile. Divide into two teams. Assemble and place the football on the 50 yard line. Draw a card. If it has the Indian bow and arrow “mascot” then the Indians answer the question. If it has the Pilgrim hat “mascot” then the pilgrims answer. If the team answers correctly they get to move ten yards toward their goal. If they answer incorrectly no move is made. When you move the football into your end zone, you win. If there is no winner when all the cards have been used, re-shuffle the cards and keep going.

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