Planet Ornaments

Every year my kids and I make ornaments.  They love making the glass ball ornaments that you swish paint and rubbing alcohol into for a marbled look.


How To Make Paint Swished Ornaments

Use any size of glass ball ornaments and remove the small toppers.  Put a drop or two of rubbing alcohol into each ornament, then squirt a bit of acrylic craft paint in.  Any more than 3 colors doesn’t work well.  I find that two paint colors usually looks the nicest.  Just swirl the paint, coating the inside of the glass ball.  Leave it out to dry overnight.

The alcohol allows the paint to swish and flow more easily, and then it quickly evaporates out, allowing the paint to dry.

When they are all dry, just reinsert the topper and your ornament will be ready to hang.

Planet Ornaments

This year my kids got the brilliant plan in their noggins to create planet ornaments out of their paint-swished ornaments.

It all began with creating a blue and green earth ornament. . .


And then progressed to other planets. . .

Of course, the paint jobs are haphazard because after all, it is just paint squeezed into the glass ball and then swished around.  Can’t really expect perfectly formed continents from that!  Still, I thought their solar system had a very spacey, far out look to it.  A+ kiddos!


A craft like this finishes off a study of the planets wonderfully.  To start your study of planets try our free printable Planets coloring book.


  1. What kind of paint do you use? How much? And how does the rubbing alcohol play into it? How do you get the paint inside? And how long does it take to dry?

    Thank you so much. I look forward to making these!


    1. Hi Michelle,
      I just use acrylic craft paint. The rubbing alcohol thins the paint a bit so it sloshes around more freely inside the ornaments, then it evaporates quickly, allowing the paint to dry once you’ve got your ornament coated. Remove the little metal topper on the ornaments, then put a 3-4 little squirts of paint in the top. My kids just squirted a bit of paint in directly from the paint bottles into the top of the ornament. We left the metal tops out of the ornaments overnight and they were all dry in the morning for us to hang up.
      Good luck!

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