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Playing with words can become the start of a great poet.  Poetry can seem overwhelming.  It can seem hard.  It shouldn’t be though.  Poetry is really just using words concisely and descriptively.  There are many forms, all with their own rules, and there is also free verse which has no rules at all.  Before a poet can emerge, there are a few simple skills that are helpful to learn.  Rhyme is one of those.  It isn’t essential to poetry, but it’s fun.

When kids get bogged down in poetry assignments I do my best to keep them simple, light, and fun.  To teach about rhyme, first show them how it’s done.  Give them a simple word ending and then have them finish the rhyme.Finish-That-Rhyme


Then demonstrate how to go through the alphabet creating some words (and maybe even a few nonsense words) using the ending.


Once they’ve practiced with a few of their own endings, let them finish some sentences with rhymes:

  • The picnic was taken right over by ants.  Boy, I am grateful they left me _________________. (rhyme with ants)
  • Give me some money.  I know what I’ll do.  Take me to the mall and I’ll buy _______________. (rhyme with “do)
  • Outer space is really cool.  The aliens here all love _____________________. (rhyme with cool)

You get the idea.  Once they’ve done a few, they may want to try writing some silly sentences of their own.  Combine those sentences, and you’ve got a poem.  You’re a poet.  And you didn’t even know it.

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