Post-Impressionist Art Cards

Post Impressionist Art Cards to print for free. Use for art appreciation.

This post is the result of a complete fail on my part.  In today’s lesson planner, I had written “Post-Impressionist Art Cards”.  So I looked in my files, on my computer, even here on this site.  They do not exist.  I never made them.  So we drew some Starry Night pictures instead.

starry night art project

(Very nice activity, Karen, by the way.)  Karen does almost all of our art for our curriculum . . . except the art cards.  Anyway, here am I repenting of my sins and posting the Post-Impressionists. 😉

In case you’re wondering this is part of Unit 4-7 from our Layers of Learning curriculum.

Unit 4-7: Civil War, National Parks, Plate Tectonics, Post-Impressionism

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Use these free Post-Impressionist Art Cards for art appreciation. Play with them in a matching game, as a quiz or just to enjoy.


Like Impressionism, Post-Impressionism is a mainly French movement.  Post-Impressionism was more a time period than a single style of art. It lasted from about 1886 to 1905. The post-impressionist rejected the earlier impressionist naturalistic depiction of light and color in favor of symbolic colors and shapes, often departing from reality to lend greater emotionality to their paintings. This movement paved the way for later abstract art and artists like Picasso. These artists also often depicted very realistic scenes, even some of the ugliness of life, which had not been done before. They experimented with paint and techniques, using thick layers, tiny dots, or odd colors of paint.

This is a Post-impressionist painting by Georges Seurat.

Free Printable Post-Impressionist Art Cards

This set of free printable Post-Impressionist Art Cards includes ten pieces by eight different painters. We include works by Henri Rousseau, Camille Pissaro, Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Georges Seurat, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Paul Signac.

Click on the image below to open the pdf file for downloading.

Post-impressionist art cards to print for free

How to Use the Post-Impressionist Art Cards

Print these art cards and descriptions onto white card stock. Cut the cards out on the solid lines.
Help your kids become familiar with these paintings and artists by playing matching games, sorting the cards, and quizzing over them.

  1. Place the cards face down, with images in one group and description cards in another group. Choose one card from each group. Determine if they match. You can read the description of the painting to see if they do.
  2. Arrange the paintings in order of date. Which were painted first? Can you see a progression of techniques or style in the cards?
  3. Hold up an image card and see if your child can remember the title of the painting. After these are mastered, use the image cards to memorize the titles and artists together. Finally master the titles, artists, and a little information about the painting.
  4. Go online and find more art by the same artists. Can you tell which artist painted the piece just by looking at the style?

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