Presidents Day Craft For Kids

We made this Presidents Day craft for kids and parents to do together.  Behind the silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln are the Gettysburg address and excerpts from Washington’s Farewell Address.

Presidents Day Crafts 008

To make this craft you need the printable presidents day speeches page and the printable silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln.  We printed the speeches onto red card stock and the silhouettes onto regular white printer paper.

Presidents Day Crafts 004

Cut out the silhouettes.  We started it off with a craft knife and then finished it off with a pair of scissors.  Place the sheet of paper with the cut out silhouettes over the speeches paper and with a large wide brush quickly brush on a thin layer of white poster paint.  No need to water it down.

Presidents Day Crafts 005

Then lift off the silhouette sheet.  the words will show though the white paint, but the silhouettes of the presidents will be clearly visible.  Finally mount your dry speeches sheet to a contrasting color.  We used blue construction paper, which is sized just a little larger than card stock and so makes a perfect frame.

Additional Layers

  • Actually read and discuss the two speeches with your kids. There’s not much point in going “yeah! We love President Washington!” if you have no idea why he’s a big deal.
  • You can use the silhouette template to make presidential portraits on anything you like.  Use fabric paint for a T-shirt or acrylic paint on a jar or vase.
  • We used the actual signatures of the two presidents at the bottom of their speeches.  Practice your signature . . . you want a cool one for when you become famous.
  • Presidents Day used to be just Washington’s Birthday which is February 22, but about 30 years ago it became a big commercial holiday and was promoted by advertisers for “Presidents Day Sales!”  It only really is celebrating two of our presidents, Washington and Lincoln.  Officially the third Monday in February is still Washington’s Birthday.

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