Grades and Transcripts Spreadsheet

grades and transcripts

The Layers of Learning Grades and Transcripts Spreadsheet is a preformatted digital spreadsheet file that will automatically calculate your child's grades and GPA.


The grades and transcripts worksheet is a file that we have formatted so it will do automatic calculations of grades for high school courses and then the official transcript for high school including calculating the GPA (grade point average).

These worksheets are based on the way schools and universities in the United States determine grades and may or may not be useful for homeschoolers in other countries.

The grades sheets are organized so that one semester is on each sheet.  You can easily create more sheets by copying the sheets presently in the file. We included only enough sheets for two semesters because it will be more useful for you to enter your own custom information such as course names and then copy the sheets so you do not have to retype the information again and again.


This is what the grade sheets look like:

grades and transcripts


  • Every cell is editable so that you can rename the courses, grading elements, grade scale and so on, to suit your homeschool.  If you aren't sure how to grade a high school course, read this post about grading in high school.
  • Typical schools in the United States have 18 weeks in each semester and so that is how we formatted the worksheet.  If you have a shorter or longer semester, you can add or delete weeks without messing up the calculation functions of the worksheet.
  • We have entered some sample grades so you can see how the worksheet does its calculations. You can delete these.
  • Inside the worksheet you see little triangles in the corners of some of the cells.  If you hover your mouse over these triangles instructions and tips will open up that will help you use the worksheet.
  • The worksheet has been formatted so that you can weight the different elements of each course.  For example in English (in the example above) the writing and reading are each weighted at 4 while the spelling and grammar are given a weight of 1 each.  This means that the writing and reading are four times as important as the spelling and grammar.  You can change these weights for each course to what you believe the value of each course element is as compared to the others.  The weights in a particular course must add up to 10 unless you want all course elements to be equally weighted in which case you can give them all a weight of 1.


This is what the transcript sheet looks like:

transcript screen shot


  • The transcript has all four years of high school on the one sheet.  Besides having the digital copy, you can also print this sheet when you need to.
  • Like the grades sheet, there are triangles in some of the cells that you can hover over for instructions or tips.
  • A high school course is usually half a credit for one semester per class.
  • This transcript worksheet is based on a 4.0 grade scale, which is standard across most of the United States.
  • The worksheet calculates the GPA for each year and also a cumulative GPA.
  • Some data is already entered in the worksheet so you can see how it works.  You should delete this data before you begin.

Downloading and Using the File

After you download the file you have to open it with a program that can read spreadsheets.  We tested this worksheet in Excel, OpenOffice, and on Google Sheets.  It works in all three places. But if you open it in more than one place it will not sync between them.  You need to choose one place to keep and store your main copy.  Whatever you choose, we recommend making backup copies periodically and especially at the end of each semester and storing them on the cloud and/or print physical copies.

Use the "save as" command and save the file with your child's name, keeping the original file as it was downloaded.  This way you have a backup and can start over if something goes wrong and you can also use the file again for your other children.

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Age Range: Adult
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