Layers of Learning Unit 1-12


Layers of Learning Unit 1-12

Layers of Learning Unit 1-1 is a complete unit study for history, geography, science, and the arts.

  • History: Arabia
  • Geography: Rivers & Lakes
  • Science: Atoms
  • Arts: Color & Value


Layers of Learning Unit 1-12 contains hands on activities including crafts, games, experiments, writing projects, and more.

Start with learning about the history of the Arabian peninsula.  This includes a historical map, spice trade routes, the domestication of the camel, and the city of Petra.

Then in geography you'll learn about river and lake environments, where the major rivers and lakes of the world are located, and what animals and plants live in these areas.

Next, the science section is all about atoms, how they are structured, and how they make up everything in the universe.  We include more advanced topics like isotopes and molecules as well.

Finally the arts is about the basic elements of color and value. You'll learn about the color wheel and mixing colors, the difference between tints and shades, how value is used by artists to show distance, and how color schemes can set a mood.

In each unit you’ll find a recommended library list, important background information about each topic, and lots of activities to choose from for kids of all ages.  Sidebars include a bunch more ideas including Additional Layers, Fabulous Facts, On The Web, Writer’s Workshop, Famous Folks, and Teaching Tips.  Printable maps and worksheets are included at the end of each unit and may be printed as often as needed for your family or class.

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Age Range: 6-18
Grade Level: 1-12
Format: printable PDF
Pages: 52
Publisher: HooDoo Publishing
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

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