Layers of Learning Unit 1-13


Layers of Learning Unit 1-11

Layers of Learning Unit 1-13 is a complete unit study for history, geography, science, and the arts.

  • History: Ancient India
  • Geography: Grasslands
  • Science: Elements
  • Arts: Texture & Form


Layers of Learning Unit 1-13 starts with the history of ancient India.  You'll learn about the Indus valley, the Mahajanapadas period, the Mauryan empire, and the Buddha.  Second, in geography we'll focus on where grasslands are located, what conditions form grasslands, and what animals and plants live in grasslands.  Third, in science, you'll study the periodic table of the elements, how it is arranged, and what some of the groups of elements do.  Last, in the arts section, learn about texture and form.  Texture can be created using visual tricks or it can be applied literally as in impasto painting or bas relief.

In each unit you’ll find a recommended library list, important background information about each topic, and lots of activities to choose from for kids of all ages.  Sidebars include a bunch more ideas including Additional Layers, Fabulous Facts, On The Web, Writer’s Workshop, Famous Folks, and Teaching Tips.  Printable maps and worksheets are included at the end of each unit and may be printed as often as needed for your family or class.

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Age Range: 6-18
Grade Level: 1-12
Format: printable PDF
Pages: 59
Publisher: HooDoo Publishing
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

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