Layers of Learning Unit 2-11


Layers of Learning Unit 2-11

Layers of Learning Unit 2-11 is a complete unit study for history, geography, science, and the arts.

  • History: Wars of the Roses
  • Geography: Russia
  • Science: Health
  • Arts: Minstrels & Plays


Layers of Learning Unit 2-11 explores the conflict between the Yorks and the Lancasters that tore England apart for generations.  Then in geography learn about Russia and its culture.  Next study health in science, including germs and cleanliness, exercise, sleep, eating right, caring for teeth, and safety.  We do not include sex in this unit, but a sidebar encourages you to talk with your kids about this important topic.  Last, in the arts, learn about medieval plays and minstrels, as you act out your own genuine medieval miracle play.

In each unit you’ll find a recommended library list, important background information about each topic, and lots of activities to choose from for kids of all ages.  Sidebars include a bunch more ideas including Additional Layers, Fabulous Facts, On The Web, Writer’s Workshop, Famous Folks, and Teaching Tips.  Printable maps and worksheets are included at the end of each unit and may be printed as often as needed for your family or class.

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