Pyramid Shape Books

To go along with our study of ancient Egypt the boys wrote reports about pyramids.  My little ones wrote their reports on Pyramid Report pages, shaped like a pyramid.  Each page only has a sentence or two and an illustration.  We printed our covers on yellow paper and made two copies of the inside pages for four pages total.


Here Is One Report

Pyramids are triangle shaped.  They are made of large stones.  The Egyptians first built pyramids above ground, then later they built cave tombs below ground.  They put mummified kings and queens into pyramids. There was also lots of jewelry, furniture, food and gold.  They quit putting their kings in pyramids because robbers could see exactly where the riches were.


Hesitant writers are usually more willing if they feel like the project is special somehow.  Shape books are simple, but they feel more “real” and “important” than just simple ol’ lined paper.  We keep all the books my kids write on a special shelf in our classroom library.  We usually put a blank comments page at the back of each book so that each person who reads it can leave a little note for our budding authors telling what they enjoyed about the book.

Shape books are also great for recording and remembering information.  The hands-on reading/writing approach will cement that information more firmly into their minds than a lecture from you ever could.  And they’re fun too!

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