Renaissance Art Cards

The Renaissance is a super important period in art history and I wanted my kids to be familiar with some of the most famous paintings and artists as a part of their cultural education, so I made this set of 12 printable Renaissance Art Cards.


 Note: Several of the paintings in the Art Cards show nudes; just a heads up.

The cards are high-resolution images of some of the most famous Renaissance paintings.  Some are religious and some are secular.  Some show scenes from mythology and others are definitely Christian.  Most are from the Italian Renaissance, but there are three from northern Europe.  Each painting has an accompanying description card that tells the name of the piece, who the artist was, and a few details so you know what you’re looking at.

Print the cards onto white cardstock and cut them apart on the solid lines.  In the document, they are paired with a description of the piece, a little history, a little about the techniques, or a little about the artist. The pdf includes 6 pages of art cards and one page of instructions.  Click on the image below to go to the free pdf.

You can use the Renaissance Art Cards as a matching game with the images on one group and the descriptions in the other.  The kids can choose a card from each group, read the description and see if they match. In the process, they’re learning the name of the piece, the artist, and a little about the painting.

They can also be used as flashcards.  Hold up an image card and see if the kids can remember the name of the piece, the artist, details about the painting, or all three.  You can give out points for correct answers if you like.

On each card, a date (or approximate date) when the piece was done is included.  Arrange the cards in chronological order.  Can you see a progression of technique, style, or subject matter?  Can you arrange the cards in other ways according to different categories?

After the kids are familiar with these pieces, they can look up the artist online or in art books and see if they can recognize his style in other paintings.

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