Retiring the Flag

This time of year with Memorial Day and Flag Day past and Independence Day coming up fast, I tend to wax all patriotic.

Recently my son partcipated with his cub scout pack in an official flag retiring ceremony at an outdoor pack meeting in a canyon near our town.  The scouts presented the old, tattered flags, and then while saluting the flags, we burned them completely over a fire outdoors.  It was the first opportunity these young boys had to participate in a ceremony like this, and it was very neat to see the maturity they conducted themselves with.  I will always remember how the pack meeting at the park went from chatting and laughing together, to absolute silence as these boys performed this important duty.

Cub-Scouts-retiring-the-flag-(1) Cub-Scouts-retiring-the-flag-(2) Cub-Scouts-retiring-the-flag-(3) Cub-Scouts-retiring-the-flag-(4) Cub-Scouts-retiring-the-flag-(5)

The feelings of patriotism and respect were palpable.

Finally, we ran a new flag up the pole and recited the pledge of allegiance.  If you get a chance to watch the Boy Scouts, the VA, or the American Legion retire old flags, take it.  It is an honor to show this last honor to the flag.  There’s just something special about retiring the flag.

I love the Boy Scouting program for my boys.  I’ve never found its equal in teaching real responsibility, service, and patriotism.  An organization with morality, honor, and respect as its Law is a rarity in today’s world and people who actually posses those qualities are just as rare.

Hooray for the Boy Scouts!

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