Reviewing by Fishing

reviewing by fishingWe’re big fans of alternatives to boring test taking for the younger set, especially the under ten crowd.  Here’s an easy and fun idea for reviewing the facts you’ve learned in history, geography, science, art, religion or many other subjects.

Go fishing!  Print out our Fishing Game Template.  Write in your own questions for whatever subject you’re studying.  Cut out the fish, glue them onto card stock (you can use different colors to color code question subjects or difficulty) or print right onto card stock if you want the questions all the same color, then cut out again.  Attach a metal paper clip or paper fastener to each fish on the end near the mouth.

Fishing TemplateFishing Game Template

 Place the fish face down, so the question is concealed, in a “pond”.  An empty plastic tub or a blanket spread on the ground make great ponds.

Now you need a fishing pole.  Make one from a stick, a string and a refrigerator magnet.  Tie the string to the pole then use hot glue to attach the string to the magnet.

Kids can take turns fishing for questions.  If they get the answer right, they keep the fish.  If they miss it, read the answer, and throw the fish back to try again.

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