Revolutionary War Hat Craft

You can make a simple Revolutionary War hat craft to represent the hats worn by American men during the late 1700’s.

You Need

  • 3 pieces of construction paper in any color
  • staples
  • feather (optional)

Directions on How To Build the Hat

First cut out the hat shape. It’s easiest to fold your paper exactly in half and draw one half of the design. That way your hat comes out symmetrical.


The pieces should be a flattened bell curve, like the shape of a wire hanger.  Cut out your first piece of the hat, with the fold still in place. Then you can use your first piece as a template for the rest.

Once you have all three pieces cut out staple the edges together to make a three cornered hat.

If you like you can “stick a feather in your hat and call it macaroni!”

Additional Layers

  • Read some books about the Revolutionary War. Look in your library to see what they’ve got.
  • Memorize a poem like Paul Revere’s Ride and recite it while wearing your hat.
  • Look at pictures of lots of different hats from different times and places on Earth. Some of them are pretty wild.
  • Design and model your own crazy head wear.
  • Read or listen to the “Yankee Doodle” song. Look up the meanings of the obscure words like “macaroni”. Why do you think the British soldiers taunted the Americans with this song? The Americans took the song, changed the words and made it their own. How can you use this principle to meet your enemies?

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