Rococo Art Cards

We made these free printable Rococo Art Cards to use for art appreciation with your kids.


Rococo art is often called late Baroque. It is a continuation and softening of the Baroque style. Where Baroque was religious, serious, and symmetrical, Rococo was secular, lighthearted, and asymmetrical. But both styles are very ornate. Rococo was primarily a French movement, but the style spilled over into other parts of Europe. In Britain Rococo was toned down, made moral, and simplified, but it retained the flowing lines, graceful movements, and soft textures of the French style. Rococo style was manifested in paintings and sculpture, but also, perhaps even primarily, in interior design and furniture.

Print these art cards and descriptions onto white card stock. Cut the cards out on the solid lines.  *This set of art cards has one painting with a nude figure.

Rococo Art Cards

Help your kids become familiar with these paintings and artists by playing matching games, sorting the cards, and quizzing over them.

  1. Place the cards face down, with images in one group and description cards in another group. Choose one card from each group. Determine if they match. You can read the description of the painting to see if they do.
  2. Arrange the paintings in order of date. Which were painted first? Can you see a progression of techniques or style in the cards?
  3. Hold up an image card and see if your child can remember the title of the painting. After these are mastered, use the image cards to memorize the titles and artists together. Finally master the titles, artists, and a little information about the painting.
  4. Go online and find more art by the same artists. Can you tell which artist painted the piece just by looking at the style?

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