Rollin’ Rainbow Spelling – A Spelling Activity

Spelling is one of those things I have to spice up for my kids to not moan and groan through.  Throwing in a spelling activity is a pretty simple way to keep them happy though.  We’ve been using Rollin’ Rainbow Spelling one day a week for about a month or so and my kids are still begging for it every week, so I suppose that’s a good sign.

I made this activity for my kids, but I thought yours might enjoy it too, so I’m sharing the printable.  Just click on the picture below to take you to the Rollin’ Rainbow Spelling printable.

Rollin' rainbow spelling

I give each of the kids their own die and put our marker bin in the middle of our work table.  I say the first word.  They roll the dice and then follow the directions for the number that was rolled.  For example, if I rolled a 5, they would write the word five times with a blue marker.  Then I give the next word and they roll again.  By the end their page is colorful and filled with many, many practice spellings of their words.

I think the game stays exciting because of the dice.  You never know what you’re going to get!  My kids can get a little competitive over the dice rolls too – I hear “YES!  I got a 2!  You got a 5!!”  They love the friendly competition for sure.  For such a simple spelling activity, it sure has been a hit at our house.

Using Spelling Activities Successfully

In order for spelling activities to be successful, I try to keep one important principle in mind: variety.  If I have them spell their words out loud to me every single day, and then require them to write them correctly on their spelling lists, they won’t be able to do it.  But if I use auditory, visual, and tactile activities throughout the week, they tend to do better on their spelling tests and retain the words more permanently.

On Monday we always take a pre-test.  We usually focus on a word family and also throw in either words they’ve misspelled in their writing, seasonal words, or sight words.  I correct their pre-test right in front of them.  They then transfer all of those words to a spelling list for the week, all spelled correctly this time.

On Tuesday we might do Rollin’ Rainbow Spelling or Magic Spelling.

On Wednesday we might spell with magnetic letters or use sign language to spell our words.

On Thursday we usually do beanbag spelling (throw a beanbag back and forth with each letter as we spell out loud.)  A lot of kids, mine included, retain information better if they are engaged in movement while they verbally recite things.

And on Friday, it’s spelling test time.  Usually the tests go well if we’ve been diligent with our practice.  But the real test comes in the coming week when I see if the spelling activity and practice paid off in their writing assignments.

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