Sausage Poems


Sausage poems are fun to write and can be a really great challenge too, so get ready to use your brains.  At first glance you think they’re going to be easy, but it’s quite the workout for your brain!

They are called sausage poems because they are all linked together.  There’s really only one rule involved: each word must be linked with the ending/beginning sounds.

Examples of Sausage Poems

Karen never ran near rude elephants.


Harry, your rash has such horrific carbuncles.


 Seven naughty, yucky yaks sang great tunes sadly. 

See how the ending letter of each word matches the beginning letter of the next word?  It’s that simple.  Any chain of words that are linked by common letters makes a sausage poem.

Some tips:

  • These are best written with a thesaurus in hand.
  • Use a pencil.  You’ll have to go back and change previous words when you can’t come up with a suitable next word.
  • Don’t get stuck on the meaning of your poem in the beginning; just let the letter chain be your focus.  It will get easier as you go.  Just get some ideas down and start making chains.
  • Want a real challenge?  Make the last letter match with the very first letter to create a circular linked poem.  You can even write it in a circle shape.

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