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We designed the Layers of Learning Early Grades Student Planner especially for kids from 1st grade to 4th grade to keep track of their school work. This is a downloadable and printable set of PDF files.

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Part of organizing your homeschool is teaching your kids to be organized and accountable. Besides, this student planner includes teaching tools, like calendars for kids to keep track of time and graphs to track the weather.

What’s Included?

  • Monthly undated calendars
  • Daily assignment sheets
  • Weekly assignment planner (choose between weekly and daily methods)
  • Graphs for weather tracking
  • A daily chore chart
  • Journal or narration pages
  • Spelling list papers
  • A reading record
  • Two cover options

This planner is in full color.  You can set your printer to gray scale if you’d rather have b&w.  It will still come out beautifully.

All pages are full size (8 1/2″ by 11″) and intended to be printed and bound at a copy shop or hole punched and inserted into a binder.

Each page is a different file so you can easily print the ones you want in the quantities you need.

Two Cover Choices

cover choices


Assignment Planners

There are two choices for assignment planning – daily or weekly.

Assignment planners

“My Homeschool Day” is meant to function as a “morning meeting” as well as keeping track of the day’s work.  Under “thought of the day” you can put your memory work or another thought.  The “Today’s work is” we have included editable fields so you can type in recurring assignments like math or reading.

The weekly planner is purely a checklist for assignments and covers a whole week.  The fields on this planner are editable as well, so you can type in assignments before printing.

The bottom section corresponds with the Layers of Learning subjects: history, geography, science, and arts.  You usually do only one or two assignments in each of these subjects per week.  Just jot a note down about your projects of the week.  At this age the real instructions come verbally from mom during school time.

Monthly Calendars

Young kids are still working on understanding time and the order of events, so monthly calendars are great for this age.  This bunch below are colorful, but undated.  Have your kids write in the dates themselves and then mark any important dates like holidays or birthdays or family trips.  They can fill in the date each day, or fill out the whole month at the beginning of the month and then cross off days as they go.

colorful monthly calendars

This is a very plain calendar that can be used for multiple purposes.  You may want to have them fill in patterns (like a shape pattern) for each day.  Or it could be a place to keep track of co-ops, clubs, sports, or other activities they are involved in.  Kids have to write in the months and date it themselves.

plain calendar

Narration Page

This page is a narration or journal page.  To learn how we use narration pages in Layers of Learning, read our curriculum guide.

narration page

Spelling Lists

Sometimes kids at this age need guides, and the lines on these spelling practice papers do the trick.  Chose from the one for youngest kids or the more advanced set of lines for 3rd or 4th graders.

Reading Record

Keep track of your child’s reading with this fun printable.

reading record

As your child finishes a book he can write the title on the spine and color it in.  Soon you’ll have shelves full of colorful books.

If you like, you can write assigned reading titles on the spines instead of allowing your child to choose his own, or do a mix.

Weather Graph

Kids love to keep track of the weather, and this printable gives them important graphing skills as well.

weather graph


The last sheet is for chores.  I like to keep this page inside the back cover of a binder and have the kids use wet erase markers to mark off their chores.  At the end of the week we clean off the chart and it’s ready to start over.  You could also laminate it or put it in a clear sheet protector and have it function the same way.

chores chart

The spaces to write in chores are editable so you can type in the daily chores.

Age Range: 6-9 years

Grade Range: 1st-4th




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