Grades and Transcript Sheet


The Grades and Transcripts Sheet calculates semester grades and calculates GPA and credits earned for an official high school transcript.

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Track your student’s grades through the high school years with this pre-formatted Google Sheets template (purchase also includes a file for Excel).  The cells in the sheet are set to calculate grades for your student in all the subjects you will need to track for each semester of high school.

Then use the transcript sheet to create the official transcript to send to colleges future bosses and so on.  Again, the cells are ready to do all the calculations for you to determine your student’s GPA and total earned credits.

Instructions For Downloading and Opening the Grades and Transcripts Sheet

Download the Grades and Transcripts Sheet on to a laptop or desktop from your receipt. Locate the file in your downloads folder.  Unzip the file.  Double click the file to open it.  If you are using Google Sheets you will need the green .ods file.  If you are using Excel you will need the black and white excel file.

For Google Sheets

Open your Google Drive.  Drag the green Google .ods file from your downloads folder to your Drive screen.  Drive will upload the file.  Once the file is completely uploaded, click on it to open it.  If you have more than one child we recommend you make a copy of the file, rename it with the name of your child, and then edit the newly named file instead of the original.  You can make a new copy for each child.

For Excel

If you have Excel on your computer you can double click on the Excel file to open it and use on your computer.

Using the Grades and Transcripts Sheet

Here’s a video of Michelle explaining how to use the Grades and Transcripts Sheet to track your high school students records.




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