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The Layers of Learning Middle Grades Planner was designed for kids from 5th grade to 8th grade to keep track of their school work. This is a downloadable and printable set of PDF files.

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Having a middle grades planner for your kids is more for you than for them.  It makes for an easy place to write in and check off their assignments, creating a regular routine and set of expectations.  It also helps you to be more organized and makes getting the school day under way smoother since you can send them off to check their planner instead of trying to come up with an assignment on the fly.  Besides, I’ve found my kids like to know what the expectations are right up front, so they know when they’ll be done.

What’s Included?

  • Weekly assignment/planner sheets
  • Daily assignment/planner sheet
  • Reading record
  • Goal sheets
  • Chore sheets
  • Grade tracker
  • Memorization check list
  • 3 different cover options
middle grades planner covers
Three different cover choices.

The planner is designed for full size, 8.5 x 11 inch, sheets of paper.

The font for the editable fields in the planner is set to “Century Gothic” to match the font on the rest of the page, but if you do not have that font installed your computer will select another font.  Century Gothic is free to download from several font sites.

This planner is in full color but you can choose to print in gray scale and it will still come out looking beautiful.

Each page is a unique file so you easily print just the sheets you need in just the numbers you need them.

Assignment Sheets

We made two different styles of assignment sheets for you to choose between, daily and weekly.

Assignment sheets

The daily sheet has one day on a single page.  There are editable fields under “Daily Work” so you only have to type the recurring assignments once and then print as many sheets as you need.  There are also spots to put daily chores like teeth brushing and bed making. Then there are places for your student to write in her own work that is for today only, like a particular book to read or a science experiment to do.

The “Week __ Assignments” sheet has editable fields for daily tasks with a check box for each day of the week.  The “sun” box is for a subject like piano or computer programming that you student is studying.  You can type the course name over the sun in an editable field.  Below your student writes in the assignments for the Layers of Learning subjects that may not occur daily and are varied.

Memory Work

Many homeschoolers like to have regular memory work assignments.  This page is a checklist for your student.  You type the memory work assignments for the year in the editable fields.

Memory Work Checklist

There is just enough room for a title or reference like “The Blacksmith” or “John 3:16”.  We provided 40 spaces for 40 weeks of school.  You do not have to fill them all up.

Reading Record

This page tracks the books your student has read or the ones you have assigned.

reading record

You (or your student) write the title of the book on one of the spines and when it is read you color in the spine.  You can also mark the spines to show chapters, so you can color as you progress through the book.

You can have some of the books be assigned titles, written in ahead by Mom, or they can be books chosen by the student, written in as he goes.

Grade Tracking

Grades can be very motivational so these pages are to keep in your students notebook.


You can type the course title in the editable field at the top.  Then your student should write his own assignments/tests in the spaces along with the score as you go though the year.


Some people like their children to keep track of their daily chores in a planner as well.


There are lots of spaces so you can be very specific “get dressed” “brush teeth” “put breakfast dishes in dishwasher”.  You do not have to fill up all the spaces though.

I like to slip this page in the back of my kid’s binder inside the clear cover protector.  Then he can use a dry erase marker to check off assignments all week and clean it off at the end of the week to start again.


By the middle grades kids can start learning how to set and achieve goals.  This page can help them do that.


Chose some small goals and help them find ways to make the goals actually happen.  Set due dates and rewards.

Age Range: 10-13 years

Grade Range: 5th-8th grade




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