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The Layers of Learning High School Planner allows teens to track their assignments, grades, and transcripts clear through high school.  This is a downloadable and printable set of PDF files.

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In the younger grades a planner is useful and nice, but in high school it is essential.  Teens should be learning to take control of their own schedules, education, and life goals.  We designed this planner to meet those needs.

What’s Included?

  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly life planner
  • Weekly assignment planner
  • Semester checklist
  • Reading record
  • Transcript worksheet
  • Extracurricular activity tracker
  • Goals
  • Habit tracker
  • Three different cover choices

This planner is in full color.  You can choose to print gray scale and it will still look gorgeous.

Many of the fields are editable.  The font we set the document for is Century Gothic, a free font that can be found online.  If you do not have it installed on your computer the font will default to one that is installed on your computer.

Each type of document is in a separate file for easier printing.

Print as often as you like for all your kids!

Three covers
Three cover choices for the high school planner.

Weekly Assignment Planner

This page has editable fields to type in recurring assignments.

weekly assignment tracker

The top section is a daily checklist of subjects.  “Specials” are elective subjects that your student is studying like “Spanish” or “Computer Programming”.

The bottom section has large squares to write in assignments in the Layers of Learning subjects.

Semester Checklist

This is a way for visually motivated kids to see how far they’ve come (and how much further to go).  It’s also a single sheet planner if you’re a minimalist and don’t need to write up detailed assignments, but are just moving through the book, for example.

semester checklist

You type the task or subject in the editable fields on the left hand side.  Then each day that your student does that task or subject he marks it off in the little boxes.  There are 18 weeks worth of little boxes, or one quarter in each graph.  The entire page is one semester.

Reading Record

Keep track of all the books your student reads on this page.

reading record

You, the mom or teacher, can write the assigned titles of books on the spines of the books on the sheet.  Then as your student reads the books, she colors in the spines.  You can also have your student write in his elective books, books he chooses, on the spines.  Or do a combination of assigned reading and elective reading.  Print out more sheets as you need them.

Transcript Worksheet

This transcript worksheet comes with editable fields for everything, but it may be more useful to just print it out and write things in by hand as you go since you’ll be keeping this sheet or all four high school years.

transcript worksheet

This is not an official transcript, for that see our Grades and Transcript Spreadsheet.  This is instead a rough copy of a transcript where you keep track as you go through the high school years.  It’s handy to have one in your student’s binder and one in yours.

If you aren’t sure how to calculate grades for high school visit our high school grades page.

The second page is to keep track of activities your high schooler is involved in.  Later the coaches, bosses, and tutors your student worked with can become references and you will be able to remember what to put on college applications and resumes.

I like to print these two pages back to back.


High schoolers are at the point where they’re starting to keep track of their own lives and they also have busy and semi-independent schedules. These calendaring pages can help them stay on top of those schedules.

monthly calendar

This first page is just an undated monthly calendar so your teen can write in her own important events.

Then we also have a life planner.

life planner

The first page is a weekly planner with hours to write in appointments, meeting times, work schedules, and so on.

The second page is for lists.  There is one section, a checklist that has editable fields.


Teens are old enough to start having some focus and these goal sheets can help them succeed at their pursuits.


The first sheet is a set of goals that help your teen stay balanced as they achieve in specific areas in their lives.

The second sheet is a habit tracker for whatever habit your teen wants to develop.  You just check off a box for every day you do the habit.

Age Range: 14-18 years

Grade Range: 9th-12th grade




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