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Teaching similes can be BORING when you’re just using the same, old boring similes we all know.  Bruce Lansky wrote a poem about them called “Predictable”:

Poor as a church mouse,

Strong as an ox,

Cute as a button,

Smart as a fox.

 Thin as a toothpick,

White as a ghost,

Fit as a fiddle,

Dumb as a post.

Bald as an eagle,

Neat as a pin,

Proud as a peacock,

Ugly as sin.

When people are talking

you know what they’ll say

as soon as they start to

use a cliche.

Teach kids that when they write, their writing will be BORING if they use old, familiar similes.  Instead, they can come up with original ones that will add a little flair to their stories and poems.  Reproduce the poem for them leaving the last word of each line blank.  Have them write a new poem called “Clever”:

As poor as a _____________
As strong as an ______________
As cute as a _____________
As smart as _____________

As thin as a _____________
As white as ____________
As fit as a ____________
As dumb as a _____________

A bald as a _____________
As neat as a ______________
As proud as a _____________
As ugly as ______________

Use fresh similes when
you speak and write,
so your friends will think you are
quite clever and bright!

Additional Layers

  • Make a game to try to use as many similes as you can throughout a whole day. Each time someone uses a simile, award a point and play for a prize. (You can model it throughout your studies.  For example, if you’re studying George Washington you could say he was as brave as a knight.)
  • Have kids use a story they’ve written and insert at least 3 creative similes into it to make it a better story.
  • Kids can draw or paint a picture of a creative simile they came up with.  A simple way to do this is to write at the top “As ugly as. . .” then draw the picture of the object underneath.  My daughter said, “As ugly as . . . a pink truck,” and drew a big, hot pink monster truck.
  • Come up with people in history you’ve studied to fill in as many blanks as you can in the poem. “As thin as Abraham Lincoln.  As bald as George Washington without his wig.  As smart as Albert Einstein.”

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