Skeleton Worksheet and Craft

Learn about skeletons with these fun facts and a skeleton worksheet.

The human skeleton has 207 bones.  It is a strong and light and works with our muscles to help us move.  It protects out internal organs and manufactures the blood that carries nutrients, oxygen, waste, and germ fighting white blood cells around our bodies.  The skeleton also regulates and stores hormones produced by the endocrine system.  There are two major divisions of the bones in the body, the axial skeleteon and the appendicular skeleton.  The axial skeleton includes the spine, ribs, and head.  The appendicular skeleton includes the arms, legs, and pelvis.

Print out this Skeleton worksheet and craft.

skeleton_worksheet Roughly cut out the pieces of the skeleton and then glue the bones together in the right order.

Garrett is pretending to be sad because “this guy is dead”.

Or you can glue your skeleton to a piece of construction paper and label the bones.

Here are the names of the major bones:

This skeleton only shows the major skeletal bones. This in enough for elementary aged kids. Older kids can learn more. Cancer Research UK / Wikimedia Commons, CC license.

Additional Layers

  • Compare human skeletons to other vertebrate skeletons.  How do the structures of bodies compliment the functions of those bodies?
  • Play “Simon says” with the bones.  “Simon says wiggle your metatarsals,” etc.

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