Snake Printable To Color And Craft

Print and color this  Snake Anatomy printable.  One side should be colored like a real snake.  The other side of the snake shows the internal anatomy, we include one already labeled and one without labels.  You can choose which you would like to use.  You can print them, glue them together and cut them in a spiral and hang them from your ceiling. Or just print, color and place in a notebook.


We used several different books on snakes and reptiles from our shelves and from the library to find real snakes to copy so we could color real species.  Then we hung them all from our ceiling.

Yeah, it freaks me out a little, not being a big fan of the creepy slithery things.  But the kids loved it.  While they colored their snakes I read them a book about reptiles.

Additional Layers

  • When the snake is flat in the paper, it is a spiral.  When it is extended and hanging from the ceiling it is a helix.
  • Learn snake safety if you’re out in nature.  Learn which snakes in your area are poisonous and what they look like.  What do you do if you or a friend gets bit by a snake?
  • Learn a little about the ecology of snakes.  How do they fit in the food web?  What is their role in nature?  How are they beneficial? Harmful?
  • Research and write a report about a particular species of snake.

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