Snow Painting

In the summertime my kids love sidewalk chalk, but when the snow flies we do snow painting!

Snow painting is pretty simple.  I fill colored spray bottles with water and then add a bit of matching food coloring to each bottle so my kids know what color of “paint” will spray out.  A few drops and a little shake and they’re ready to go.


Then I bundle the kids all up armed with their spray bottles of snow paint.  Soon we have a yard full of colorful pictures.  Really cool art indeed.


They draw pictures, they write, they squirt lines and pathways.  {Thankfully they haven’t thought to squirt each other yet!}  Check out what I think is their GREATEST display in our snow painted yard . . . a tribute to Mom.


We’ve also had fun painting clothes, a face, and decor on snowmen, decorating our sledding hill, and putting cool pictures on the walls of snow caves.  My kids are really into art, but sometimes I hate to drag out all the supplies.  I always hate cleaning up the mess afterwards.  This twist on art avoids all the set up and clean up and keeps the kiddos busy with something other than video games on cold winter days.  Super fun, definitely cheap entertainment for those drag-along long winter months.

Happy winter!



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