South America Crowns

This little craft helps kids learn about the continent of South America.  They can make South America Crowns.


Start by cutting out the crown shapes.  These crowns are about 5 inches thick with a center rounded bulge.  The bulge is there to make a “front” for the crown and to make a larger space where the map of South America will fit.  Then print and prepare the South America Crown Badges.

South America Crown

When I did this with my kids I prepared the “badges” ahead of time by roughly cutting them out.  This made it faster to get through the activity, but you can have kids cut out their own if you like.  I gave each child a little pack of crayons, a glue stick, and their badges:


Then they each colored their own badges and put them back into their own bag.  While they colored their badges I told them about the images on the badges and what they meant.


Once the badges were colored we began the lesson about South America.  We found South America on a globe, I told them information about the continent, we watched a short movie about South America from YouTube, and the whole time I was asking lots of questions.  Every time a child answered a question correctly they got to glue a badge onto their crown.  I made sure each child got lots of opportunities to answer and they they all had questions they were able to answer.  We were working with a range of ages from 5 to 11 so the younger kids got easier questions and some help while the older kids were able to answer tougher questions.


By the end everyone knew where South America was located, which oceans surrounded it, and some of the animals, places, and cultural uniqueness about South America.


The crowns were an excellent device for keeping their attention and motivating them to answer questions.

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