South Korea For Kids

 Start your study of South Korea start by finding its location on a map of the world.


Then color your own South Korea Map.

 South Korea-web

Then use a student atlas to fill in the rivers, mountains, seas, and major cities.  For young children, 4th and under, I like My First Atlas from Hammond.  For older students, 5th and up, I like the Student Atlas from DK.  There are many other good ones out there too though.  If you have a good student atlas on hand plus internet access simple Geography lessons are easy.
Then draw the flag of South Korea.  Do a little research to fond out what the symbols on the flag mean.



Library List

Finish up your geography study of Korea by reading a book about South Korea or about kids who live in South Korea.  For elementary aged kids I like Children Just Like Me, which has double page spreads of kids from all over the world including eleven year old twins from Seoul, South Korea.  You learn where these boys go to school, what they study, what they want to be when they grow up, who their best friend is, whether they fight with their sister, and what kinds of toys they like best, among other things.

Check your library for books on South Korea.

More Explorations

For day one of your geography study you’re done.  To expand the study of South Korea for another day you might try some crafts, projects and recipes.  Like . . .


  • Read more books about Korea or that take place in Korea
  • Write a report on a fan shaped paper.
  • Write a report on a South Korean Map shaped paper

Additional Layers

  • The Korean War is one of the least talked about wars in American history, which is really weird considering that technically we’re still fighting it.  Find out more.
  • Buddhism is one of the main religions of South Korea.  Learn more about it.
  • The South Korean flag is full of symbolism, learn more about it.  Discuss the yin-yang symbol and its meaning. Is that a purely eastern concept or do westerners also have beliefs centering around a balance of forces?
  • Learn more about the history of the Korean people.  Their culture is unique and independent of the nearby Chinese and Japanese cultures though all three influenced each other.
  • Learn about the pirate problem Korea once had.

More From Layers of Learning


You can learn a lot more about North and South Korea in Layers of Learning Unit 3-9.  You might also like our Geography page and our Free Printables page.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m not a homeschooler, however the kids and I are flying to visit their Daddy who’s in Korea on military assignment in 2 months and I’ve been trying to find a way to introduce them to the country! Will definitely be using this with them. Thanks again!

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