Sparkly Snow Globes For Kids

We got our first snowfall last night.  So it’s time, I suppose, to start getting ready for winter weather, and I can’t think of a better way than making super cute, super simple, glittery, sparkly snow globes for kids.

This cute snow globe craft for little kids has no liquid inside!

How To Make Snow Globes for Kids

First get out some cotton balls or white foam balls, buttons, wiggly eyes, and pipe cleaners.  Let your child design a snowman for the jar.


Then an adult can hot glue all the pieces together.


Finally, hot glue the snowman to the inside lid of the jar.


Toss in a bit of silver glitter and twist the lid on.


Give it a shake to spread the glitter over the snowman and the inside surfaces of the jar.

This cute snow-globe for preschoolers has no liquid inside!

Additional Layers

  • Talk about how snow is formed up in the clouds.
  • “S” is for snow.  Make S shapes all over a piece of paper with glue and then cover with glitter and let dry.
  • Do a book project for Snowmen At Night or Mission To The Arctic or another favorite winter story.
  • Track the Weather as it changes rapidly at this time of year.
  • Snowflakes are crystals, grow some of your own crystals.
  • If there’s snow on the ground outside, go try snow painting.

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