St Patrick’s Day Party

We had our St Patrick’s day party with our homeschool friends yesterday.   We have just one rule for all of our get-togethers: no stress.

St Patrick's Day Party Montage

So our parties are simple, our food is simple (but yummy), and we all share the work.

The Menu

This time we ate sandwiches (we always just potluck sandwich stuff) and all sorts of green veggies and fruits in honor of St Patrick’s Day of course .  . .

  • honeydew melon
  • celery sticks
  • grapes
  • green apples
  • green peppers

We also ate cookies, because what’s a party without treats?  The shamrock sugar cookies started out as pumpkins since I didn’t have a shamrock shaped cookie cutter.

rainbow craft 035

I just pinched in the sides to make them into four leaf clovers.

Shamrock sugar cookies

Rainbow Sun Catcher Craft

Then we made these super simple rainbow sun catchers.  Remember the rule: no stress!

rainbow sun catcher

You just cut out pieces of clear contact paper into a rainbow with clouds shape.  Then cut out little squares of colored tissue paper.  I just did four colors: red, yellow, green, blue.  I didn’t have orange or purple on hand so we just did without . . . no stress.

rainbow craft 037

The kids then applied the tissue paper squares to the sticky side of the contact paper and voila! No glue, no mess!  Just easy peasy rainbow sun catchers.  You could do this with any shape for any theme or holiday of course. St Patrick's Day Party

The Real Fun

The last thing we did was head to the park, because what the kids want most of all is just to be together and to play, especially when springtime is finally starting to peek its way out of wintertime.

St Patrick's Day Party

The Breakdown

Lunch: 20 minutes
Cookies: periodically
Legos for kids/conversation for moms: 1 hour
Craft: 10 minutes
Playground: 1 hour

Seems like a pretty good ratio of relaxation to stress to me.  Easy peasy St. Patrick’s Day Party, homeschool style.


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