St. Patrick’s Day Treats

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time for some St. Patrick’s Day treats for your family!  These little shamrock pretzels are so easy the kids can help you make them.  Just spread frosting over the tops of square pretzels, then top them with 3 green M&M’s to make the leaves of the shamrock.  Add a little stem by piping just a a bit of green frosting near the three M&M’s.

Shamrock TreatsWe’ve also made them using white chocolate spread across the pretzel instead of frosting.  They are even tastier!  You just melt white chocolate chips in the microwave for one minute, then stir the chocolate until it is spreadable.  Make sure not to overcook the chocolate, because it’s very easy to scorch.  If your microwave cooks hot, you may want to just cook the chocolate for 30-40 seconds.  If it’s still not done, cook it again for another 30 seconds after stirring.  Once you’ve spread the chocolate, place the candies on top right away.  When the chocolate sets up the M&M shamrocks will sit snugly in place.


While you’re making them, you might also want to make some little spring flower ones with the other colors of M&M’s.

Spring-Flower-and Shamrock-Snacks-(2)

Once you’ve enjoyed your tasty St. Patrick’s Day treats, try out a little St. Patrick’s Day craft.  Go visit our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Board for one to try out.

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy the shamrock treats!

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