State Scattergories

Here’s a free printable State Scattergories game for you to play as you learn about one of the states in the U.S.A..  You can use this as you learn about your own home state, or any other state you’re studying.  It makes a great review or follow-up at the end of a state study.  Just click right here or on the picture below to get the printable State Scattergories game.
Throughout Layers of Learning Year 4 we study the United States of America with explorations, games, writer’s workshop experiences, and more.  Along with regional studies that include all of the states, you’ll also find units on national parks, economics, symbols and landmarks, U.S. territories, and more.

This State Scattergories game is featured in Layers of Learning Year 4 Unit 18, which includes lots of ideas for learning about your home state.  You can use it with any of the state studies though.  {Hey, I doubt your kids would complain if you played it SEVERAL times while you study the states!}

To learn more about Layers of Learning, visit our Curriculum Guide.  You can also see what a week of homeschooling with Layers of Learning looks like at Michelle’s house.  All of the Layers of Learning units we offer are right here.

You can visit our catalog to see all of the units we offer.

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You might also like our free printable travel brochure, our United States of America BINGO game, and this cool idea for making a travel diary.  Our Geography Page also has tons more fun resources to help you learn about the states.


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