Super Simple Wind Vane

We made this super simple wind vane for school this week.

You need:

  • straw
  • straight pin
  • pencil with an eraser
  • index card
  • celophane tape
  1. First cut a triangle out of the index card to serve as the arrow head.  Then cut a tail from the index card.  The tail is just a large rectangle with a triangle shaped notch cut out of one side.
  2. Tape your head and tail to the straw to create the arrow.
  3. Then push the pin through the straw and into the eraser of the pencil.  Swivel the arrow back and forth a few times to loosen it up so it will turn in the wind.

Additional Layers

  • Talk about how wind direction can give you a clue as to what weather is coming.  For example if you live on the west coast and the wind is coming from the west, then you’ll probably get rain.
  • Talk about shapes.  Basic triangle and rectangle for little kids and for older kids discuss isosceles triangles, lengths and widths of rectangles, and area.
  • Wind direction near the ground can be different from wind direction above the buildings because buildings and trees can deflect the wind, making it swirl.
  • Try this Wind Detector Activity as well.

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