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We made this Switzerland Map for you to color, but first a little history.


History of Switzerland

In 1291 three of the Swiss cantons rebelled against the rule of the German Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.  This little group of freedom lovers accomplished the unthinkable and became not only independent but free, self governing entities, loosely confederated with one another.  You can read more about this story in The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff.

It wasn’t until the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 (the treaty that ended the religious wars of the Reformation, freed the Netherlands from Spain, and pretty much set the modern boundaries of western Europe) that Switzerland was recognized internationally as a free and independent state, though they had been defacto free for centuries by this time.

This is the town of Andermatt in the canton of Uri. It used to be a very popular spot for tourists to see or stop in on journeys to or through the Alps. With the advent of trains and other mass transportation the tourist industry fell off. But in recent decades the tourist trade has revived as ski resorts in the area become popular. Most of the people in this valley speak German. Photo by Parpan05, CC license, Wikimedia.

In 1848, by which time many more cantons had joined the original three, the Swiss formed an official confederation under a constitution.  They were inspired by the American Constitution and federal government and set their federal government up in a similar manner with an upper and lower legislative house.  The cantons were left free to govern themselves in local matters.

One of the tenants of Swiss government is peace.  They do not engage in international wars and have declared their neutrality.  So far Europe has respected Swiss neutrality.  But the Swiss aren’t pacifists.  They have a state of the art army and are prepared to defend their country and their homes.  Every young man must spend time serving in the army.  After that the entire adult male population is in the reserve system.

Switzerland Printable Map

Color this Switzerland Map.  Each of the cantons is shown on the map and some of the major cities and lakes.  Color the map to show the four cultural regions of Switzerland: German, French, Rumantsch, and Italian.

Additional Layers

  • The Treaty of Westphalia was one of the most important events in western history.  Learn more about it and what difference it made.
  • Switzerland, because of its reputation for peace and stability is the headquarters of many international organizations like the Red Cross, the United Nations, NATO and others.
  • 1848 is called the Year of Revolutions becasue dozens of nations, mostly in South and Central America and Europe, were revolting.  Some achieved independence, others didn’t.  the Swiss didn’t need a revolution, they were already free, but they did decide to revamp their government that year.
  • What is it about Swiss Banking that attracts evil geniuses to make deposits there?  See if you can find out.

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A country fact sheet to print and use when studying any country.
A country fact sheet to print and use when studying any country.

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