Ten Homemade Valentines

Check out the homemade Valentine cards we made this year.

Ten Homemade Valentines

I have never regretted my decision to homeschool, but because I am in love with holidays, one of my big challenges early on was coping with the fact that my kids would never have a class party.  They wouldn’t have anyone to exchange Valentine cards with especially.  I know, I know, it’s hardly an academic pursuit, but I have such fond memories of reading all of my class Valentine’s, eating cupcakes with pink frosting, trying to make sentences from conversation hearts, and drinking the yummy pink punch.  Over the years we’ve found ways to make our Valentine’s Day special even without the class party though.  One thing we do is make homemade Valentines.  We make them for each other, for our grandparents, for friends, and for our cousins.

I went to the dollar store and got a few things – foam heart stickers, wiggly eyes, pom-poms, straws, and a few treats.  We’re trying to cut back on sugar, so you’ll see that most of them aren’t edible treats.  I set out all the supplies I bought, plus card stock, scissors, glue, tape, and markers, and let the kids just go to town.  This is what we ended up with this year.

This little kitty cat Valentine is my youngest son’s creation.  He insisted that he make cats even though we aren’t really cat people.  He’s even giving one to his grandpa, who HATES cats.  But nothing we could say would change his mind.   His big sister helped him craft this, because, well, he’s a five year old boy.


This little airplane was made by one of my daughters for her Daddy.  He’s a pilot, so you see, he gets lots of airplanes.  I heard the kids saying, “Hey, I bet Daddy will share his Life Savers with us since Mommy won’t give us candy.”  Sneaky little devils.


My son made these Eye Love You cards.  Nothing too girly of course, though he did agree to stick with “Valentine’s colors” at the insistence of his little sister.  If you call orange a Valentine’s color, which he does.


We made these Blow Pop Butterflies to hand out to some of the kids’ friends.  They may have gotten a bit carried away with the sparkly foam heart stickers, but what is Valentine’s Day without pink hearts?


These Blow Pop Flowers are also for some friends.  When you sniff them they even smell good.


We made this little Ladybug card for my daughter, Isabel.  We’ve called her Isa-Bug since she was a baby because she was our tiniest baby and everyone said she was just as cute as a bug!


Which brings us to the little Pom-Pom People that Isabel made for everyone.  Their feet are just hearts.  She made all kinds of great color combinations and turned out a whole army of these guys.  Here are a few of them.


This one was a card that all of the kids made for their Grandpa.  It says “I love you . . . this much!”  On the back of the other hand they all wrote a little note for him.


These are the cute little Cupid’s Arrows my oldest daughter made for everyone.  They are made from paper straws.


And the best for last.  My favorite Valentines are our little Hershey Kiss Mice with little heart ears.  I’m not sure if it’s because they’re so darn cute, or because they’re chocolate.


And there you have it, this year’s homemade Valentines.  You can see some of the other fun ways we celebrate Valentine’s Day even without the class party on our Holidayopedia page.

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